It was a great evening for a walk so I left the office and headed to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, La Margarita.  Conveniently  located just  2 1/2 miles away, it is just far enough to work up an appetite.   Unfortunately, when I got there it was closed.

I hate when a nice local place, that has been around forever disappears.   Somehow I feel  a little responsible. Did I skip over them for other newer glitzier places?  Did I forget to suggest them or talk about them when other’s asked about my favorite Mexican restaurants?   It always makes me wonder if we do enough to support our local places?

In this instance however, the story has a happy ending.   We went down to Fountain Square on Friday night and discovered they had moved.   They have cool new location, along what will soon be the last leg of the cultural trail.  The menu is the same, and the Margarita’s appear to be as well.

So to be sure they stay around awhile, here is my pitch.  If you like good, authentic Mexican food, check out  La Margarita.  My personal favorite is  the Camerones.   This shrimp dish is cooked in a light sauce that is the perfect compliment to their classic margarita.

Of course the rest of their menu is excellent too. So check it out, and tell me what you liked best.