While I love taking pictures of flowers I also love pictures which tell stories.  They hint at what was happening the moment the picture was snapped, and leave us wondering what happened next.  

About a year and a half ago, I snapped a picture of an elderly couple, walking along the Monon Trail.  There was something about the image I loved.  I could imagine this couple walking home, having dinner and sitting together as the evening ended.

Taken from the back, they could be anyone, and so it is easier to imagine your own story.

I have tried a few times to capture other images of people walking away along the trail, but photographing younger people in motion is almost as hard as shooting bees.  They move too fast.

But the other day, I caught this image of my husband and daughter, walking up a trail at Goldman Union Camp.  It was a leisurely day, so their pace was slow and I got a clear shot.

What’s their story? You decide.

walking away