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Good Company

My neighbor has this sweet, lovely and very well trained parakeet.  I will often see her wandering through the neighborhood with the bird perched on her shoulder.

Sometimes she chats and other times they just walk together in comfortable silence.  She never seems flustered, even when there are dogs or children near by. 

early fall
early fall

She Made a New Friend

The other day as many of our neighbors were working on a community garden, my husband made a new friend. She settled in on his shoulder and was quite content to observe the activity from her perch.  

While she is very social and will typically go from person to person, on this day she decided Andy was her guy nestling up close to him and moving away from others who extended a hand for her to step on too. 

Flowers are Art

To compliment the new Monet Lume exhibit the gardens are filled with flowers similar to what you would see in his home garden at Giverney.

Reflections at Congress Park

Congress Park is beautiful all year long, but it is definitely at peak during summer racing season.

The Last Tulips of the Season

  The spring tulips were jus past their peak, but there was still lots of color everywhere you turned. 

A Walk through Desonier State Nature Preserve

Ok, so it is bad if you see the fungi before the tree dies, but once it is on the ground they are a beautiful reminder that life goes on.

Spring Flowers

This one white flower is putting in an appearance a little early as if to encourage the rest of the garden to catch up.

Spring Comes to Indiana

The Daffodils are Here

Flowers along the Cliff

Flowers along the cliff The three mile cliff walk wraps around the coast of Newport.  Here the...

Shakespeare Has a Garden in NY

On this trip we found Shakespeare/s Garden, tucked on the lower level of the park, it is filled with the flowers common in his plays.

Flowers at Eagle Crest

Open Fields Eagle Crest is a park, behind a park.  Nestled just north of the larger, more popular...

Grapes Glorious Grapes

Took a ride to southern Indiana to the Huber Winery and Farm. Spent a lovely day picking peaches and grapes.  And eating more than a few along the way.

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