I have been taking photos and sharing them for awhile now.   Lots of pictures of flowers and animals, and I was ready for a new challenge.

I offered to take pictures for a client of landscapes and work scenes ( they are a landscaping company).  In case you are curious, it is harder than it seems.

The house next door is under construction, so only my cropped in closeups are usable.  It was a grey cloudy day, so even adjusting my white balance, didn’t make the photos “happy”.

In small backyards it is hard to get far enough way to get the perspective right, and in large backyards when I was  far enough away, I was  on the base of a hill looking up at the house.

Despite the challenges, I did get a few photos I would use for the project, and a few more that I liked well enough to share, including this one.

To me the porch just says, welcome home.