In the crowded streets of Tel Aviv there are bicycles everywhere. It is obvious that the Israelis ride for more than just fun.  It is a part of their way of life.  And given the hills, also part of their exercise routine.

I noticed a number of bright green bicycles as I walked around the city.  At first I thought the Israelis just like the bright neon green color.  Then I realized these are public bicycles.   For a few sheckles paid to a machine much like the new parking meters in Indy, you can rent a bicycle for 30 minutes.  Just enough time to get from here to there. 

You must return the bicycle to one of the many drop off and pick up locations, and later, you can take that same bicycle or simply ride a bus home.  It is a wonderful addition to the city’s public transportation system.  I hope we look at adding this to spots along the Cultural trail someday.