Saturday night we went to Crown Hill Cemetery to hear ghost stories. C’mon, it is October. Halloween is right around the corner, of course you need to head to a cemetery on a pleasant Saturday night to hear a few creepy stories. The program was put on by Story Telling Arts of Indiana. The brought together some of the best tellers in the area, each to share one of the favorite stories.

Listening to a good story makes you feel like a kid again as you hang on every word and jump at every scary sound. It was a fabulous night. I enjoyed the stories and I enjoyed photographing the tellers. Each one is so expressive.

I have so many great pictures from the night that I could easily fill weeks and weeks of uploads but I am going to narrow it down to just a few and share several over the next few days.  First up, story teller Sally Perkins who told a tale of greed and rats.Sally-Perkins-2