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April 20, 2021

We woke this morning to what I can only refer to as a 4-20 hallucination.  Heavy wet snow covered spring flowers and lawns and weighed down branches of trees everywhere.

Despite it’s current appearance, this is not a weeping willow.

early fall

Warming Quickly

The warm streets prevented the snow from sticking and temperatures rose quickly.  By 10 am the snow was falling from the tree branches in hail size chunks.

As evening came, the snow was a vague memory as we cleaned up branches which had snapped under the weight of the sudden, heavy wet snow.

Shakespeare Has a Garden in NY

On this trip we found Shakespeare/s Garden, tucked on the lower level of the park, it is filled with the flowers common in his plays.

Flowers at Eagle Crest

Open Fields Eagle Crest is a park, behind a park.  Nestled just north of the larger, more popular...

Grapes Glorious Grapes

Took a ride to southern Indiana to the Huber Winery and Farm. Spent a lovely day picking peaches and grapes.  And eating more than a few along the way.

August Flower

As we move through the summer, the bright little spring flowers disappear.  In their place we find the huge summer flowers.   

Flowers Along the Way

There is always some thing new and wonderful to see along the way, and I love that Dubenspeck Park sits right on the edge of my neighborhood, North Willow Farms

Little Flowers

These little flowers are everywhere this year.  They pop up alongside the road, on the path by my house and even in the wild flower garden we are cultivating at Roundpeg.

Neighborhood Flowers

I never get tired of admiring Mother Nature’s work, and trying to capture the images

Iris, Iris, and More Iris

There are hundreds of varieties of Iris and I love them all.

Painted Flowers

Wandering the streets of Memphis we saw so many lovely little spring flowers. Close up these...

Spring Snow

Heavy wet snow covered spring flowers and lawns and weighed down branches of trees everywhere.

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