April 20, 2021

We woke this morning to what I can only refer to as a 4-20 hallucination.  Heavy wet snow covered spring flowers and lawns and weighed down branches of trees everywhere.

Despite it’s current appearance, this is not a weeping willow.

early fall

Warming Quickly

The warm streets prevented the snow from sticking and temperatures rose quickly.  By 10 am the snow was falling from the tree branches in hail size chunks.

As evening came, the snow was a vague memory as we cleaned up branches which had snapped under the weight of the sudden, heavy wet snow.

Art in Bloom

Art in Bloom at Newfields is such an beautiful exhibit, made more so by the fleeting nature of the art.

A New Park

Can’t wait to go back to explore this hidden gem just north of Broad Ripple. 

A Walk in Daubenspeck

The fields of Daubenspeck Park are in bloom. It makes me happy to walk and enjoy the flowers.

Pink Flowers

Sure, all the pastel colors are associated with this season, but to me, pink is the color of spring. 

Purple Face

I know it is silly, but as I zoomed in on this flower, I got the distinct impression it was looking back at me and scowling.

Spiky Beauty

These spiky flowers filled the boxes outside one of the banks downtown. They brought the right mix of color and attitude.

A Little Bit of Paradise

Not at home in Indiana
Art and Bloom at Newfields presents spectacular flowers you would not normally see anywhere in Indiana. This collection reminds me of Hawaii.

While the temperature outside is gloomy, the colors indoor are bright and sunny

Art In Bloom First Sign of Spring

Welcome spring with Art and Bloom

Color for a Grey Winter day

This little red pop of color, nestled along side a fence gave me the perfect excuse to pause, catch my breath and take a photo.

Back Home, Again In Indiana

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