Even before we moved here, Broad Ripple was my favorite part of the city.   It is an eclectic mix of  quirky shops, unique restaurants, the Art Center, the galleries and the canal that runs through it all.

And despite the old buildings, the merchants have created a wonderful feel to the community with interesting signage that probably would never meet the rigorous zoning standards of Carmel.

Brugge Brasserie

Brugge serves great Belguim beer (watch out for their Triple the Ripple), crepes, muscles and the most amazing pomme frittes ( french fries) with exotic dipping sauces.

The food is good, the service is casual, and I love their sign.  Is it a giant beer mug filled with flowers, or is that just the foam coming down the side? You decide.

Ripple FX

I  actually have no idea what these guys do, but I loved their sign.  The polished steel and rusted metal create such a cool effect.

Ossip Optometry

 The distinctive “O’s formed into glasses are the trademark of Ossip.

While the billboard on Broad Ripple Ave is gone this sign still marks the back of the building facing the parking lot.

I have always been surprised that none of the graffiti artists in Broad Ripple have never been tempted to draw a face around the frames.

Broad Ripple Lawn Mower Repair

I just loved the fact that this lawn mower hangs by the door. There is no other sign on the front of the building.  I guess if you can’t figure out what they do from the lawnmower hanging from the front of the building you probably don’t need their services.