What can you expect at this year’s Indy Fringe Festival? Judging by the preview Friday night, a little bit of everything. From one man or woman shows to large ensemble casts performers come from around the county to be a part of the festival. Since this is my eight or ninth year attending the festival, seeing some of the regular performers feels like a visit from old friends.

Some of the shows I am really looking forward to include:

  • Selections from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) – Think rappers meet Shakespeare, and the results are fun.
  • Act a Foo’ Improve Crew – I love good improv. During their two minute preview, and these guys were smart, funny and different than other improv acts I have seen.
  • I arrived a few minutes late, so I may have missed Paul Strickland’s preview ( or maybe he wasn’t there? ) Doesn’t matter, I know I will be in the audience for one performance of Ain’t True and Uncle False because I love his laid back, somewhat self deprecating, spot on humor.
  • DeSade – From Q Artistry, the same performers who brought us Satan Live! – The preview was like a giant game of mad libs, with a definitely adult slant.
  • I laughed so hard during Lou Harry’s program Going, going, gone last year that I am really glad he is bring back a sequel : Going, going, goner. what will the show be like? Who knows there is a different cast every night.
  • Gay Mormans? I am intrigued. The preview of Questions of the Heart raised enough questions, I want to know more
  • Sin City Stories may be one of the more polished comedy acts at the fringe. Performer Kevin Burke spent several years on the Las Vegas strip. This is his story.
  • No Exit was one of the best surprises last year. An entire hour that left me laughing long after the program was over. Their new play, The Beast, The Lady and The Sanguine Man promises to deliver more of the same, fun, slightly adult humor.

And that is just my plan for the first weekend. There are lots of other shows I want to see as well. I will be spending a lot of time on Mass Ave this year, so watch for my tweets and say hi! Also, let me know what you are planning to see this year.

Just a few of my favorite photos from the preview night.

fringe13 sampler