The movie starring Whoopi Goldberg is still  one of my all time favorites.  Lighthearted, a  little bit racy and way over the top, I still enjoy watching it, even though I have seen it a dozen times.

While I loved the movie, I wasn’t sure how the story would translate to the live stage, without the comedic strength of the original cast.  But I shouldn’t have been concerned, the story translate wonderfully.

While I love all the group numbers with the nuns singing, swaying and grooving, my favorite numbers are definitely those performed by some of the male cast members doing their best Lou Rawls impersonations.   The deep bass numbers and Saturday Night Fever costumes are a fun contrast to the nuns whose costumes get more and more sparkly as the show progresses.

Sister Act isn’t terribly thought provoking or memorable, but it’s a fun, light-hearted romp that lets you laugh, tap your feet and generally enjoy an evening at the theater.  Amen.


Sister Act is at the Old National Centre February 26-March 3. Tickets start at $39. My tickets were provided courtesy of Broadway Across America Indianapolis. I was a guest of Allison Carter, who writes a much better review then I do