What is special about Riverside? 

With a population of less than 10,000 this town would seem likely an unlikely destination, except for it’s unique history. 

The Village of Riverside boasts of being one of the first planned communities (est. 1869.  it was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. And if your follow my blog you will know I am an Olmsted fan, frequently making pilgrimages to see one of his many designs across the country. 

This little village was definitely worth the trip.  We wandered down many of the   curvilinear streets admiring the homes with ample setbacks, and pastoral parkways with open lawn and naturalistic groupings of trees 

And it is not just the grounds that deserve attention.  Many of the homes were built by some of the most famous architects of the late 19th and early 20th century including : Frank Lloyd Wright, Joseph L Silsbee, Louis Sullivan, William Drummond, R. Harold Zook,  and William Le Baron Jenney


early fall
early fall
early fall

Oracle of Delphi

High on a hill the ancients came for advice from the oracles who were probably high

Inspiring Athena

Smaller, but inspiring Athena’s temple in Delphi is a lovely stop on your pilgrimage to the oracle

The Temple of Athena

It is a long climb to the top of the Acropolis, but totally worth the trek.

Ancient Agora

The heart of day to day Greek life

History at the Golden Hour

The rain cleared and we were graced with most beautiful golden claw as we walked through Hadrian’s Library

Greece: It is all about the Food

Culinary adventures in Greece

Pink Flowers

Sure, all the pastel colors are associated with this season, but to me, pink is the color of spring. 

Hello Red Bird

This pretty fellow ate and posed and ate some more. 

Purple Face

I know it is silly, but as I zoomed in on this flower, I got the distinct impression it was looking back at me and scowling.

Dock by the Monon

With two chairs facing west it must be the perfect place to sit and watch the sun set on a warm summer night. 

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