Hip atmosphere, a menu filled with unusual and delicious combinations, the kind of place you would expect to find on Mass Ave. But that isn’t where you’ll find Revery.  You need to drive a little further south, to Greenwood to sample the amazing menu, great service, and laid back atmosphere.

We went with friends so we could try a wide variety of foods, and everything we ate was awesome.  My personal favorites were the House Made Ricotta which was sweet and very creamy served with some type of red jam and the Braised Lamb Bolognese made with a cream sauce instead of a red one.  The menu changes every few weeks, so don’t be disappointed if my favorites aren’t on the menu, whatever you have will be wonderful.

There aren’t many pictures from dinner because we were enjoying tasting our way through their cocktail menu, but I did think the Grilled Caesar served with a crispy egg, was exceptionally pretty.

hot ceasar