When I moved to Indy, I didn’t get racing.  It was just cars driving around in circles.  But as soon as I attended my first race, I was hooked.

I have been to the Brickyard, F1, and Motor Cycle races at the track, but my favorite has always been the Indy500.  I love the speed, the skill and the behind the scenes back story which makes racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway such an event.

The Inaugural Grand Am and Stock Car Races on Friday were a lot of fun,  filled with great photo opportunities and very different types of races.

One of the coolest things about the stock car race was the different styles of cars in the race.  From the tiny Porsche and Audi to the more traditional Camaro and Mustangs the cars ranged in size and power.  There was even a Mini Cooper on the track.

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