Life along the river

Roger Williams came to Providence because he was a little more progressive in his religious beliefs than the community in Boston.  That welcoming spirit is still part of the soul of the city today. 

The other thing that made Providence attractive to early settlers were the rivers connecting this community to a much larger world, making it a trading capital and encouraging development along the river.  

While there have been ups and downs over the years, modern Providence has invested heavily in revitalizing the area along the river, creating lovely walking paths and beautiful views. 

Along the sriver in :Pr
early fall

River at Night

Embracing the beauty of the river, the city in partnership with the art students at RISD have created a Waterfire.

In a large circular area where two rivers meet, the city has placed baskets filled with wood.As the sun sets, the wood is set on fire.  With classical music playing in the background, it is like watching one giant bonfire.  

The night we were there, was only a partial lighting, but it was spectacular, none then less.