Every Day!

I was inspired by Sharayah Sanders, my former intern who took a photo every day for 365 days for her capstone  project.  The photos she took were interesting, charming, funny, amazing and often just an ordinary slice of her life.

I have thought about doing the same thing, but I didn’t want to just get trapped into taking a photo for the sake of taking a photo.   Instead, I thought it would be cool to simply share one of my photos every day.

I have thousands of photos, taken over the years and the idea of digging through my archives, and finding some of my favorites to mix in with some of my current work sounded like a wonderful idea.

So that is the plan.  Every day, I want to share one great image.   Since I can schedule blog posts, I confess, I may work ahead, but really look forward to adding a bit of creative expression to my daily routine.

Today’s photo was taken from the driveway at Roundpeg, looking across the street at an ordinary house.   The bright blue sky and still white snow made it look like a picture from some New England novel, but it was taken right here in Indy.

What is next?  I don’t know, but it is sure to be one great image.