I went to my first Roller Derby the other night and had a blast. Having seen the movie Whip It, I had a basic idea of how a match worked, but a live match is not exactly like a movie.

This was an exhibition game with two squads of the Naptown Roller Girls playing against each other.   So while the action was going, it was strong head to head competition, but between jams there is friendly conversation on the floor.

I was surprised at how many people it takes to put on a match.  While there are only 5 players from each team on the floor at any given time, there are six referees, and another six officials, spotters and score keepers too.  In contrast to sports like basketball and football, where the action moves with the ball, here it follows the two jammers who may not be at the same part of the oval at any given time.

The crowd at the game was a mix of  Naptown fans, decked out in red and black, and first timers like Andy and I.  The fans are happy to explain the action in the hopes of converting you.    The event is kid friendly, but you must be over 18 to sit on the floor, where you can see the action up close, and risk being skated into.

The Roller Girls skate at the Marsh Colosseum this winter.   If you have a free Saturday night, check them out.  www.naptownrollergirls.com


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