Tim Motley had me at hello. His portrayal of a 1930’s movie detective is dead on, but pay attention the style is vintage, but mixed in with the classic mystery are nods to present day pop culture, asides aimed at the audience, a few slight of hand tricks and lots of laughs.

I typically don’t love magic shows.  After years at the Fringe, and one too many episodes of America’s Got Talent, I feel like I have seen it all, several times.

But with Dirk Darrow: NCSSI (Not Completely Serious Supernatural Investigator) Tim finds the trick to making a magic show really fun.  He uses a story, his attempt to save his girl from danger, bad puns and lots of audience participation to bridge the action between the tricks.

It is a fun combination and the hour flies by.  This is one of my favorite shows of the festival  for more details, show times and tickets go to – See more at: