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My Uncle Ben told me the secret to being a good photographer was to take lots and lots of pictures, then only share the best ones.  So every day I  try to share one great photo.  That isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When I travel, I take so many I love, and I want to share them all.  This project has taught me to edit and find the one image which really captures the essence of what I am seeing and feeling rather than 20 which become tedious to the viewer.

When I am home, I get caught up in the daily grind.  It is sometimes hard to stop and take a few pictures. Knowing I need a picture for the blog forces me to look at the world a little differently.  I always stop and think, would that be a good picture?

Taking lessons with Paul D’Andrea, I learned to apply basic techniques, to make great effects happen deliberately. He taught me to bring my point of view into each photos.  So this is my point of view.



Early Fall Comes to Indiana

Holding on to the Last Bit of Summer It is early September, officially still summer, but here in Indiana it feels like early fall. There are cool nights where we can open our windows, and just a hint of color here and there. Walking in the woods one morning, I saw...

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Butterfly at the Falls

On the shore of Cataract Falls There is a small sandy beach.  After hiking from the top, we paused, to put our feet in the water and enjoy the view.  This lovely little butterfly came along to enjoy the view as well. 

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Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls, just a quick hour drive from Indianapolis are like an entirely different world. A lovely place for a bit of hiking and a picnic

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Flowers of Newfields

A trip to Newfilelds on my birthday was a special treat. It was one of the first outings we have taken since the beginning of the virus.  Wandering the grounds, taking pictures of flowers was definitely my happy place. 

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Flowers Are Art

Flowers at the Indianapolis Art Center The Indianapolis Art Center is one of those hidden gems in the city.  The art collection, and variety of classes attracts the amateur and professional alike.  But there is more to the facility than just glass, steel and paint....

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My New Pal

He sits high in a tree, chattering loudly as he looks down on me. He doesn't scamper away, he isn't afraid, just hanging out as the sun sets.

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BBBB Benny

Our office cat, Benny is a busy boy. Like most younger brothers he is usually trying to be wherever his big sister Clyde is hanging out. Yes, Clyde is a girl.

Benny will get in your face when you are trying to work or conveniently curl up between you and your keyboard.

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End of Winter

It is still cold, but the sky is blue and it is a pretty day so we walked to the Monon Park. The lake looks lovely through the weeds and you can almost forget this is a park right in the middle of Carmel, Indiana. 

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Fall Comes to Mr. Happy

Sitting on our deck, welcoming each season is Mr. Happy. One of the first metal sculptures Andy created, he still watches the seasons come and go. I have phtos of him all year round, and they always make me smile.  

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Who knew that pumpkins come in so many awesome colors?   Wandering the grounds of Newfields, we found a small, but lovely pumpkin patch.  Just the thing to put us in the Halloween spirit.

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Along the Urban Trail

Looking for a cool way to see the city of Asheville? Wander along the Urban Trail for bits of art, history and architecture. This watch was one of my favorite pieces along the way. Celebrating the works of Sydney Porter who often wrote stories under the name of O....

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