When Michelle was born, friends of my in-laws gave us a small oak tree sapling. The assured us it would nod day grow to be a mighty tree. While we were doubtful it would survive one winter we took it home and sat the bucket on our back porch.

Protected from the winter wind, and I extreme heat of summer the sapling flourished. And after a few years we planted it in the front yard. We tied it done with stakes and our neighbors laughed convinced it would never survive, but it did.

When we left Texas it had grown to about five feet. The trunk was still pretty thin, but it was a tree. I hated to leave it behind, but there was no way to transplant it at that point.

We made time to drive by our old house to see the tree on our recent trip to Texas. I was glad to see it has survived and thrived, even if we weren’t there to see it grow.