Little Flowers or Weeds

These little flowers are everywhere this year.  They pop up alongside the road, on the path by my house and even in the wild flower garden we are cultivating at Roundpeg.

What kind of flowers are these?  Or are they just weeds? My attitude is  all flowers started as weeds.  When someone decided they liked a particular one and began cultivating it, they elevate its status to flower.

So perhaps no one has elevated these little weeds yet, but I like them.  I did a little research and discovered that the Philadelphia Fleabane is a biennial.  It grows roots and stems the first year and flowers the next. That explains why I don’t remember seeing many of these last year, but they are everywhere now.

They drop seeds, so we may have a few next year, and then lots more the year after..  I hope so, because these tall happy flowers make me smile.

early fall