Maine Lighthouse at Sunset

We stopped in this lovely little park just before sunset and were treated to the most glorious sky.   The shades of pink and blue were really this bright.  No photo manipulation was required. 

early fall
early fall

Nubble Lighthouse

All along the coast of Maine are quaint little towns.  Each with it’s own lighthouse, some with the strangest names.   On a perfectly clear, sunny day we stopped in York so I could take a few photos of the Nubble Lighthouse.  

Like many lighthouses, it is out on an island, so it is a good thing I have a zoom lens on my camera to snap what looks like a perfect postcard photo

Eastern Point Lighthouse

We made a side trip to this lighthouse after a day of whale watching in Gloucester, Mass.   

The directions took us up this winding road, with signs that said private drive.  We ignored the signs and it took us to this lovely, but somewhat forlorn lighthouse. 

early fall