Kiryat Shmona was my home for three months when I went to Israel in 1977. I vividly recall the Ulpan building. The grey concrete was functional, but not pretty.

As we drove in to town Andy and I both recognized the building immediately. We smiled as we looked up the flat roof where we had sat on hot August afternoons in search of any type of breeze.

But our smiles soon faded as we realized the building has been abandoned. The fence bears warning signs indicating it has been closed since 2000.


Peering through the fence and the weeds I could still pick out my old room on the second floor facing the town square. I took a few photos because I am sure if we come back again the building will be torn down to make room for the continued growth of the city.


The town square has been cleared to make room for a parking lot,but it is not all bad news. There are retail shops along the Main Street, a lovely promenade and several nice neighborhoods in the hills outside of town.

Change comes with good and bad, but it comes.