Walking on the Monon the other day, I ran into an event sponsored by the Hamilton County Humane Society.  The east parking lot of the Monon Center was filled with dogs, many of them in the Easter best, along with their owners.  All I had with me was my iPhone, but that didn’t stop me from taking photo after photo of these charming pups and the kids they attract.

I couldn’t pick just one favorite, so you are going to see several animal posts over the next few days.  This one features Girlie Girl, a charming, laid back, pit bull mix who was rescued from a dog fighting ring.  This gentle dog would never fight back, so she was used to test the aggressiveness of other dogs.  Now  she happily spends her days as a therapy dog, making children smile.   One this particular day, she was happiest when a child stopped by to pet her and pose for a picture.