Summer is in full swing, and that means it is time for Indy Fringe!  This year, the 8th Annual Ten Day Indianapolis Fringe Festival will include more than 336 shows on eight different stages.

Organizers describe the event as a riotous celebration of theater old and new, edgy and not so.  If you have never been to Fringe, you are in for a treat.

The following are my suggestions on ways to get the most from the experience

  • Check out the schedule
  • Read reviews and descriptions and don’t be afraid to ask people on the street which shows they liked best.
  • Make friends talk to people on the street and in the theater.  This is a great place to meet cool interesting people.  And almost everyone is friendly at Fringe.
  • Join the conversation on Twitter ( #indyfringe) and Facebook
  •  Plan on attending several shows, with time in between to enjoy the activity on Mass Ave.  There is often as much going on in between the shows as there is on stage.
  • Go with friends, and then split up, watch different shows and compare notes.
  • Build in time for a few drinks and snacks at some of Mass Ave’s best locations.
  • Hold on to your button, and come back several times!

I will be kicking off my Fringe experience with the preview night tonight so I can start mapping out a plan to take in as much of the festival as possible.  Then, I will be sharing short reviews here and lots of tweets with the hashtag #indyfringe.  Read a little, but then come join the fun!

Still not convinced?  Check out the video from last year’s event.

The Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival, also known as IndyFringe is a 10-day showcase of traditional and non-traditional theatre, dance, music, improvisation and a wide range of other performance and visual arts, performed and created by local, national and international artists. For more information, go to