When I first considered moving to Indy, my future boss talked extensively about the Indy 500.  A transplant to Indy, he said the race and the events surrounding it were some of the best reasons to live in Indy.

At the time, I didn’t’ get it, but was too polite to contradict him.  I took the job, started in July and it wasn’t until the following May that I really understood.

My first trip to the track made me a race fan forever.  I love the speed of the cars, the energy in the stands, and the fact that this race has been going on for 100 years.

One of the cool things about Indy, is the fact that the race is a part of the fabric of our city.  On any given day, you will turn a corner, and find a race car in the most unlikely place.  This one is on display in Terminal B at the Indy Airport.   It is fun to see a little bit of history, and start to get excited about this year’s race.