The sun is setting on another on another successful Indy Fringe Festival.  it has been an awesome 10 days on Mass Ave.   There were so many terrific plays, creative performers and fun street side events that I hate to say goodbye.  But it is only 350 days till next year!

While I wrote a few reviews at the beginning of the week, the pace picked up, I saw so many shows and didn’t have a chance t write about all the ones I loved in the latter part of the week.  So here is a short summary 

Rebecca Kling – Storms Beneath Her Skin

Rebecca is the best of what you hope to find at a Fringe Theater Festival.  She is talented and thought provoking performer.   She draws you in with a warm engaging style, and asks you to to think about what really defines some one as a man or a woman.  She is funny,  serious, and sometimes even angry and she shares the journey that has brought her to this moment in her life.  If you missed her here in Indy, it is well worth the drive to Chicago this week to see here there.

Stewart Huff – Donating Sperm to My Sisters’s Wife

Comedian Stewart Huff is a delight to watch.   He has just enough of a southern accent to sound almost musical, his timing is great and his stories are wonderful and laughed almost continuously through the one hour program.

It was hard to pick just a few favorites, but if I must I loved his description of the perils of doing edgy stand up comedy in conservative southern towns.  There is also his complete joy and appreciation of anyone who can make him smile.

I loved his description of actually donating sperm and how it wasn’t all he thought it would be.    This led to his description of discovering National Geographic as a 10 year old boy.

Huff  joins the ranks of some of my other favorite Fringe comedians, Phil Van Hest and Paul Strickland and I hope he will be back next year.


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