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Crown of the Garden

Wandering around the grounds of Newfields is beautiful all year long, but especially in the summer, when so many of the plants are in bloom.

I stumbled across a bunch of these flowers along one of the garden paths, and just had to snap a few photos. it looks almost regal with the gradients of color changing from pink to yellow and back again as you view each set of petals.

early fall
early fall

Orchids All Year Long

The greenhouse at Newfields changes out the plants by season, but there are always a few delicate orchids, tucked in among the seasonal plans.

A tribute to Monet.

To compliment the new Monet Lume exhibit the gardens are filled with flowers similar to what you would see in his home garden at Giverney.

The master gardeners of the museum have planted colorful beds and even tanks with waterlilies.

early fall
early fall
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