Kids love stories. Even the most active will settle down for the promise of a good story.  And in truth, we grown ups love them too.   At least I do.    So you will often find me at a performance of the Storytelling Arts of Indiana.

While some professional storytellers weave serious, thought provoking tales, I have to confess my favorites offer a performance that is a  cross between stand up comedy and traditional theater.  Last night  Bill Harley,  joined the ranks of my favorites.

With stories of his childhood adventures, from water balloons, to school trips, he reminded us of our own childhood.  I could definitely relate the his mother’s feeling that his friend Glen was a nice boy, but …. ( I think I was Glen growing up).  His style is a combination of spoken words and narrative songs, with the occasional sing along for the audience.

He starts slowly, introducing characters who will play a role in the final, story.  When it comes you anticipate what they will say and do, because you feel as if you know them. The MC for the evening promised 200  laughs last night, and Bill delivered.

If you have never been to a Story Telling Arts performance, check out the video below. While Bill won’t be back this season, there is  a terrific line up yet to come.

What’s Story Telling like? Watch this to see.