Spirit & Place is an annual event in Indianapolis.  Through art, culture interactive experiences, music and discussion, the festival  opens minds, touches hearts, builds bridges and helps citizens move forward in new ways individually and collectively. And as a result,  Central Indiana becomes a better place.

The theme of this year’s festival is PLAY.  Along with the typical events, the organizers came up with a wonderful way to engage a much broader community by turning the city into a giant interactive game board.  Scattered throughout the city are 83 different games. All the instructions  are on the individual game sheets which we installed this morning.   A complete map can be found here.   So whether you are in Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, Mass Ave, along the White River Canal or wandering through downtown you can play.  Play alone, with friends or complete strangers.

The games were created by Know No Stranger and each one is funny and appropriate for the space.    I was on the Broad Ripple Team and my favorites are the Looking Up and Abby Road Games on Broad Ripple Avenue.  I would love to know which one’s you like best.   Be a part of Spirit & Place.   Come Play with Us!