Driving home the other night, I noticed how beautiful the War Memorial looked lit up against the night sky.

I could have driven by, buy I didn’t. I stopped in an empty parking lot across the street and took this photo with my iPhone.war-memorial

The War Memorial, built during the  City Beautiful Movement in the early twentieth century is one of two museums in the Indiana War Memorial Plaza Historic District.  The 24 acres of the plaza contain two museums, three parks, f monuments, statues, sculptures, and fountains.  It is a lovely place to spend an hour or two in the daytime.  And as this photo demonstrates a beautiful place to snap a photo or two when the sun goes down.

Did you know? This plaza in  downtown Indianapolis, is second only to Washington D.C. in acreage and number of monuments dedicated to veterans.  Next time you are in the are, slow down, to see how really amazing this area is.