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On the shore of Cataract Falls

There is a small sandy beach.  After hiking from the top, we paused, to put our feet in the water and enjoy the view. 

This lovely little butterfly came along to enjoy the view as well. 

early fall

Flower at the Golden Hour

Just before the sun goes down, the world takes on this wonderful golden hue . The soft light at the end of the day creates some perfect photos.

Signs of Spring

I know it is spring because there are little flowers everywhere.

Early Fall Comes to Indiana

Holding on to the Last Bit of Summer It is early September, officially still summer, but here in...

Flowers of Newfields

A trip to Newfilelds on my birthday was a special treat. It was one of the first...

Flowers Are Art

Flowers at the Indianapolis Art Center The Indianapolis Art Center is one of those hidden gems in...

Spring Color Almost as Bright as Fall

Color All Year The cool thing about North Willow Farms is the number of trees scattered through...

Orchids in Winter

Was at The Greenhouse at Newfields and was delighted to see they still had orchids.

Twisted Wood

Hiking in the hills outside of Ashville, North Carolina I found this twisted tree that seemed to...

Wait There’s More

Around every corner is another beautiful flower Took this with my iPhone and the sun was just...

Bright Colors

Gone are the pastels . Hello bright summer colors
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