Pelicans on Goose Pond

We took a day trip to Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area in Greene County. The preserve is fairly larger covering 9,018 acres of prairie and marsh habitat.

We went to see the Sandhill Cranes which which are migrating this time of year and were delighted to discover so many other birds as well.

There were hundreds, maybe thousands of these pelicans resting on mounds throughout the mash.

Pelicans at Goose Pond
early fall

Red Wing Blackbirds

There where many of these birds darting along the shore. There were so fast I didn’t think I would be able to get a shot. 

Finally he paused, and posed on top of a pole. 

Eastern Bluebird

I thought this little guy was beautiful.  He sat for quite awhile as I snapped photos. Flew off and came back, to make sure I got his good side. 


Pelicans at Goose Pond
early fall

The Sandhill Cranes

We looked everywhere in the park, and didn’t see any cranes. It was hard to be disappointed, since we saw so  many awesome birds.  

Then, as we left the preserve, we took a different route to the highway, and there on a vacant lot where two roads intersect we found the cranes.