So I normally only share one photo a day, but at this rate I will be back in Indiana and still posting a photos of Prague. So today I will share two of my favorite views of the city.  And you decide which you like best.

This is such a beautiful and interesting city.  Every building is unique with fine details and arches.  It is amazing that even one of these buildings would still be standing, but their are rows and rows of them.

And if that wasn’t enough there are spectacular churches and bridges which are beautiful by day, and haunting by night.

The first is the St. Nicholas Cathedral.  You can see the dome rising from many parts of the city because it sits high on a hill.

city after dark

The Charles Bridge is always jammed with tourists.  My favorite view of the bridge is actually from the bridge nearest to it.  You can look across, the river, admire the view and not be jostled by tourists walking by.

Charles Bridge by Day