Some art will die!  It seems crazy, for an event event designed to to feature the work of up and coming artists in the Indianapolis community to commit to destroying at least some of the artwork, but that’s the plan.

This is the eighth year for this  truly unique art competition featuring side-by-side face-offs between paintings created on the same day using the same materials.  Why do the artists compete and risk destruction of their artwork, because the cash prizes get bigger ever year, and even the losers have a shot at selling their work.

Sponsored by Primary Colors, the actual competition which will be held on September 28th at the Vogue  is still few weeks away, the fun has already begun. I along with more than 100 artists participated in paint day.

Each of us had four hours.  Our start time was written on the back of our canvas and had to turn the canvas back in before our time ran out.

We each got the same materials:

  • Acrylic paint in primary colors, plus black and white
  • Canvas
  • Paint brushes

And the rest was up to us.  Each artist attacks the task differently.   I love paint day, because it is fun to see what other artists create and how they work.

Some artists plan ahead, bringing photos or even sketches for inspiration, and others simply let the canvas speak to them.  There was even one artist who brought her own model.

Some artists choose serious subjects, some opt for scary or whimsical, and some choose an abstract image.  But as our time winds down, each artist puts the finishing touches on their piece and turns them over to the organizers.

If you want to see all of the paintings you will have to wait till voting opens on 9/17.  Until then here are just a few of my favorites from paint day.


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