Real Indiana dances are special. They only occur a few times a year.  While they are often public events, they  are not really for tourists.  As we were touring the desert in Santa Fe we heard about a tribe doing a Deer dance that day.  We went, not quite sure what to expect.  It was really cool.

Hundreds of young men, dressed the same, with yellow headdress and antlers, moving in step to a drum.  My camera had died, but I was grateful for my iphone.   I captured quite a few really cool photos.

The line of braves seems to stretch forever


There were slight differences in their attire.  Antlers for some were larger than others.  You got the feeling that each brave had actually hunted the deer who’s antlers he wore.   Matching shoes and socks indicated members of the same families.  All their faces were painted, but by the end many had been streaked with sweat,