How do you define Ai Weiwei? Is he a photographer, sculpture, poet, artist or dissident? The answer is yes.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art has brought a collection of work by this controversial artist to Indy.  The exhibit includes photographs, many taken when he lived in New York early in his career.

It also features about 30 of  his sculptures and art installations.  While some are simply lovely to look at like the colored urns featured below, the story behind the pieces is what makes them special.  In this case, he has painted over ancient urns.  In the artist’s words.  “… we can discover new possibilities from the process of dismantling, transforming and recreating.”


Enhancing the experience as you wander through the exhibit are In Gallery iPads which include information about individual pieces and the artist.  I really enjoyed stopping to admire a piece and learning a bit more about it, and how it fit in to the overall collection.

The exhibition runs through the middle of July and tickets are only $12/person.   Indianapolis is one of only five locations in North America where you will be able to experience this show.   Make plans to see it before it is gone.