about me

Lorraine Ball

I  am a marketing geek. I spend a lot of time thinking, writing and talking about marketing, social media and web design.  Helping small business owners learn to use digital tools is fun for me.

But I am about more than just my business.

This blog is about everything else.

I love good food, shared with a fine bottle of wine and friends. I love to travel, see new places and do new things. I love the arts in almost all forms; performance art like music and theater and physical art like painting and sculpture. And most of all I love photography.

So this blog is about everything else. All the things I do and love which have nothing to do with business. It is where you get a chance to see the other side of me. If you see something you like, feel free to share a comment or interesting link.

And if you really prefer the business me, you can always find that at The Digital Toolbox or check out my podcast: More than a Few Words

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