We were looking for a way to break up a long car drive.  We were searching for a spot close to the highway were we could get out of the car and walk

DESONIER STATE NATURE PRESERVE – was the perfect location.  This 491-acre preserve encompasses a variety of habitats typical of Appalachian Ohio. The area is diverse in vegetation and ranges from various successional stages to mature forests in the deep ravines and on the steep hillsides.

The trail is well maintained, with the fallen trees cut back off the path. 


early fall
early fall

Streams Along the Trail

The trail winds alongside a stream.  There are bridges which cross back and forth along the curves of the stream. 

It hadn’t rained much in the previous days, so the water level was fairly low. 

Growth on Dead Trees. 

One of the coolest things about nature is the cycle of rebirth.  Look closely at the dead trees lining the path and you see multiple varieties of mushroom on the trees.  

Ok, so it is bad if you see the fungi before the tree dies, but once it is on the ground they are a beautiful reminder that life goes on. 


early fall