Hidden Inside Indianapolis

Located just six miles north of downtown Indy, Holiday Park is 9.4 acers of incredible green spaces, hiking paths and views of the white river.

With more than 3 miles of hiking trails, you can wander through wooded ravines, by natural springs and wetlands, and along a stretch of the White River. If I sound like a bit of a tour guide, it is because I am absolutely enchanted by this lovely park with it’s beech-maple forest, and over 400 species of trees, shrubs and wildflowers.

The park foundation has added new signs for the season, so you actually know what you are looking at as you climb up and down the natural hills and man made stairs.

white river from holiday park
early fall

100 Years of Nature

The park has a cool history.  The land belonged to John and Evaline Holliday, where they had a summer ” country estate”. They donated the land to the city as part of the 1916 centennial celebration of Indiana statehood  hoping it would continue to be a place for recreation and the study of nature.

 More than 100 years later, the park is filled daily with people of all ages, walking playing and studying. It is one of my favorite hiking trails in the city.  The paths are interesting, and it is only a few minute drive from my home.