A friend sent me a link to this video about the Jewish Delis of New York.  Just watching it I had a craving for a little taste of home, so we drove to Shapiro’s Deli for dinner.

While not completely authentic, there are no Knishes or Kasha Varniskas, there are enough foods on the menu that it is totally worth the trip.   Their corn beef and pastrami are the best in the city, and no one makes rye bread like Shapiro’s.

But last night, I was looking for a little bit of Jewish comfort food, and went for the stuffed cabbage and a Dr. Brown’s soda.  I don’t know exactly what he puts in the tomato sauce, but it tastes just like my mom’s.  (It was one of the few things she could cook really well.)



What makes an authentic deli?  It is equal parts food and family.   Check out the video below, and watch past the credits for my favorite. part.

Deli Man Trailer from Erik Anjou on Vimeo.