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South Beach

the thing about Florida is that it looks different.  It isn't just the sun and palm trees.  It is the colors and shapes. The art deco style of South Beach is just one example of what makes this part of the country so unique. 

Gorgeous Graffiti

On our last day in Florida, on our way to the airport, I found a cool part of down, with a graffiti park.  Everywhere you turned, there was amazing street art. This was part of a collection of pictures of faces of indigenous people. Loved, the vibrancy of the color...


On the first Saturday of every month, my friend Randy hosts a brunch.  By that I mean, he posts the invite in a Facebook group and those of us who can, show up.  We talk about business, we talk about personal.  We meet every month at a big table at the back of the...

New Years Resolution Photos

This year I want to become a better photographer and the only way to do that is to take more photos. Lots and lots of photos. So I am going back to the objective of one photo a day. It is starting out a little rocky. I don't like some of the photos I am taking, but I...

I own a digital agency called Roundpeg where I spend a lot of time thinking about content marketing, social media and web design. 
But my company does not define all that I am.

this blog is about everything else

It is about animals, art and theater, architecture, food, flowers, nature, travel and my home town of Indianapolis.

flowers, trees and sunsets

food, glorious food

lions, tigers, bears & kittens

where in the world