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Flowers of Newfields

A trip to Newfilelds on my birthday was a special treat. It was one of the first outings we have taken since the beginning of the virus.  Wandering the grounds, taking pictures of flowers was definitely my happy place. 

My New Pal

He sits high in a tree, chattering loudly as he looks down on me. He doesn't scamper away, he isn't afraid, just hanging out as the sun sets.

Fall Comes to Mr. Happy

Sitting on our deck, welcoming each season is Mr. Happy. One of the first metal sculptures Andy created, he still watches the seasons come and go. I have phtos of him all year round, and they always make me smile.  


Who knew that pumpkins come in so many awesome colors?   Wandering the grounds of Newfields, we found a small, but lovely pumpkin patch.  Just the thing to put us in the Halloween spirit.

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