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Flower at the Golden Hour

Just before the sun goes down, the world takes on this wonderful golden hue . The soft light at the end of the day creates some perfect photos.

Signs of Spring

I know it is spring because there are little flowers everywhere.

Flowers Year Round

On a street called Flower Alley in Broad Ripple residents bring the beauty of flowers all year long with lovely painted murals on garages, fences and homes.

Place That Time Forgot

Standing in the old court room it reminded me of the trial in the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

I own a digital agency called Roundpeg where I spend a lot of time thinking about content marketing, social media and web design. 
But my company does not define all that I am.

this blog is about everything else

It is about animals, art and theater, architecture, food, flowers, nature, travel and my home town of Indianapolis.

flowers, trees and sunsets

food, glorious food

lions, tigers, bears & kittens

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