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My Uncle Ben told me the secret to being a good photographer was to take lots and lots of pictures, then only share the best ones.  So every day I  try to share one great photo.  That isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When I travel, I take so many I love, and I want to share them all.  This project has taught me to edit and find the one image which really captures the essence of what I am seeing and feeling rather than 20 which become tedious to the viewer.

When I am home, I get caught up in the daily grind.  It is sometimes hard to stop and take a few pictures. Knowing I need a picture for the blog forces me to look at the world a little differently.  I always stop and think, would that be a good picture?

Taking lessons with Paul D’Andrea, I learned to apply basic techniques, to make great effects happen deliberately. He taught me to bring my point of view into each photos.  So this is my point of view.



First View of Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal is a man-made lake that sits at the base of the Arenal Volcano in the northern highlands of Costa Rica. It is the country’s largest landlocked body of water, with a surface that covers nearly 33 square miles (85 square km) and a...

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Twin Peaks

The unusual thing about the Arenal volcano is that it did not blow from the top. The lower explosions in 1968, created a domino effect up the mountain as pressure continues to build. Today, the continued activity inside the volcano has resulted in the...

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Turtle in the Sun

I have never been much of an organized tour person, but for our tip to Costa Rica I reached out to my friend Becky of Bella Travel. She asked great questions about the type of activities we typically enjoyed and the type of hotels that appealed to us. Becky lined up...

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Black Beetle

Our tour guide was amazing. All along the way she pointed out interesting things we would have missed if we were walking by ourselves This black beetle didn't seem to care at all that we were taking his...

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Little Viper

Our guide casually mentioned that the little viper snakes are poisonous. But they look so harmless curled on a branch. They aren't very big, but even the little ones pack a punch . Pretty sure he was sizing me...

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Bird on our Route

In a drive that took way too long from one end of Costa Rica to the other, there were great stops along the way. And lots of wild life including this bird stirring in a tree near the...

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The Kitty Bowl

This is an annual tradition at Roundpeg.  We have our two office cats face off in their helmets, sharing the photos on social media.  Clyde's helmet has remained the same for years, but this year Benny has a new look. You can tell just by looking at the photos how...

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