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My Uncle Ben told me the secret to being a good photographer was to take lots and lots of pictures, then only share the best ones.  So every day I  try to share one great photo.  That isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When I travel, I take so many I love, and I want to share them all.  This project has taught me to edit and find the one image which really captures the essence of what I am seeing and feeling rather than 20 which become tedious to the viewer.

When I am home, I get caught up in the daily grind.  It is sometimes hard to stop and take a few pictures. Knowing I need a picture for the blog forces me to look at the world a little differently.  I always stop and think, would that be a good picture?

Taking lessons with Paul D’Andrea, I learned to apply basic techniques, to make great effects happen deliberately. He taught me to bring my point of view into each photos.  So this is my point of view.



Schooner on Governor’s Island

A former military base, prison and coast guard headquarters, Governor's Island is now a tourist attraction. Located just off the southern tip of Manhatten, the island is a quick ferry boat ride away. A lovely mix of parks and history. Cruising by the island on the...

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Pink is not my favorite color, but when I look at these beautiful flowers, it is hard not to love pink. I know I should be writing more about each photo, describing in detail the events surrounding the moment I took the picture, but do you really care? My guess is you...

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Brooklyn Bridge

There are lots of "classic views" in New York City. The skyline from different angles, the Empire State Building or new Millenium Tower, but my this one, of the Brooklyn Bridge, is one of my favorites. To me, the view looking up at the Bridge, and Brooklyn in the...

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Pop of Color

Flowers come in so many different colors. I loved how the orange and purple seemed to pop off the leaves. I could write more, but why other? The photo does all the talking for...

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NY Cowboy

You see the most interesting people in New York. This cowboy was playing guitar on a street in  Soho.  He seemed out of place and perfectly comfortable at the same...

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One of the coolest things about the glass installation by Dalet Chihuly is the way the colors of the glass match the surroundings. There were two of these screens on the water. The first was in shades of red and green and the flowers surrounding it were in the same...

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A View of Battery Park

The skyline is magnificent from many angles, but I have to admit this is one of my favorite views. This photo was taken from the window of the Staten Island Ferry as we approached Battery Park. As a kid, you could stand on the deck and take a much better image, but...

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Giant Pink Flower

A few weeks ago as we wandered through the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, I saw hundreds of these flowers made of glass. It was awesome to see a real one in person, as large as the glass replicas, and probably more...

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Glass Balls

The New York Botanical Gardens is an amazing place, filled with lush rolling hills and trees filling more than 250 acres.  The latest addition is a temporary exhibit of glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly.  The sculptures are on display inside buildings, nestled into...

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Right to the Center

The flower was so dramatic because of both color and size.   And the small extension on the end of the stigma looks like an entirely different flower.  Kind of a flower within a...

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Strong and Silent

This large fellow stared pensively as he sat in his area at the St. Louis Zoo.  I loved that there was lots of room for him to run and climb, but on this hot day, he was enjoying a snack in the...

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The typical Japanese garden is graceful, beautiful and tranquil. The one at the Missouri Botanical Gardens was all that and expansive. We walked around the pond and I enjoyed taking photos from every angle. This was my favorite...

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Oh, Hello

Giraffes are so big, and they move slowly, so they are easy to photograph.  They also have such wonderfully expressive faces as they glance toward the camera as if to say, "Oh,...

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