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One or Many?

Isn't nature amazing? Take a close look at this flower.  There seem to be hundreds of little flowers making up the one...

Pocket Park

Nestled in between buildings . Scattered throughout New York City are these little pocket parks. With a few tables and plants and sometimes even a waterfall to drown out the street noise they are a quiet oasis . Using Atlas Obscuran we found two Green Acre Park on...

Swan Song

On a pond at the Prospect Park Zoo were these young swans. With their new feathers coming in they looked like a messy teenage version of the polished, elegant creatures they will grow up to...

Pink Snow

Cherry blossoms are beautiful and fleeting. The peak season lasts only a few weeks. My favorite part of the season is not when the flowers are in full bloom but as the season is winding down. The ground is covered in a blanket of pink snow. People toss the petals in...

I own a digital agency called Roundpeg where I spend a lot of time thinking about content marketing, social media and web design. 
But my company does not define all that I am.

this blog is about everything else

It is about animals, art and theater, architecture, food, flowers, nature, travel and my home town of Indianapolis.

flowers, trees and sunsets

food, glorious food

lions, tigers, bears & kittens

where in the world