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Monet’s Garden

One of my favorite painters is Monet. I have always loved his perspective of outdoor scenes. His flowers and water Lillie's are so inspiring. This photo from the water Lily pond makes it is easy to see where his inspiration came...

Yellow Flower Pink Center

Tired of walking the same paths through local neighborhoods, Andy and I headed to Eagle Creek Park. We were probably a few weeks late to lots of beautiful flowers, but there were still some, like this amazing yellow flower with a pink center. I have no idea what type...

Late Summer at the Lake

Eagle Creek Park is much larger than you might think, especially if you decide to walk the trails.  Wandering for almost three hours in the park, we saw the lake from many angles.  This was one of my favorite views.  The picture was taken about an hour before...

Birds of Eagle Creek Park

Large on a Saturday afternoon we headed to Eagle Creek Park. We wandered the trails and ended up at the bird sanctuary. It was challenging to snap a photo as the birds seemed to be in continual motion. This is one of my...

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